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Welcome to Sierra Blue Sky Fitness!

So, who are we? Carol and Steve Steinbrecher began this journey over five years ago. Carol fought and defeated breast cancer in 2003. Unfortunately, some of the “side benefits” of beating cancer, were the impact of post chemotherapy and radiation drugs, which helped Carol to gain over 80 pounds in the next four years.

In early 2008 on a “walk-about” trip in Australia, Carol asked Steve to begin the journey of getting her back into decent shape, and losing that weight! As part of her athletic recovery, Carol began taking various aerobic classes on land and in the water, and as they like to say, “The rest is history!”

Four years later, Carol was leading her own water wellness and aerobics classes. As her reputation grew, especially in working with more mature adults, Carol decided it was time to “get professional,” and became certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Certified Fitness Instructor, with an emphasis on adults. Since that time, Carol has become a specialist on water wellness, flexibility/range of motion, and assessments for mature adults.

Not wanting to go it alone, she convinced her husband, Steve, to join her in this endeavor, and, together, they have taken a number of specialty courses and clinics that deal with the mature adult population. Steve is now a truly recognized senior citizen, as he marked his 65th birthday in 2014.

Our principal philosophy is that fitness and good health are Lifestyle commitments. This means working toward health and fitness every day, and to accomplish this task usually requires a coach with the proper mindset to get you there over the long haul. Carol now believes she has put together a Team of coaches who can accomplish this!

Classes at Sierra Blue Sky Fitness range from very basic assessment and introductory courses, to intensive workouts, and we specialize in one-on-one coaching to build a personal health and fitness program just for you!

Please contact us with all of your personal questions at (530) 647-2874, or simply use the convenient “Contact Us” button at the top of this page.